The why we should contract. Part 2 The why. Why should we contract? In soliciting free content for this blog, I reached out on Instagram to see if anyone had stories or questions about contracts. I have tried to address each response as they pertain to this topic.  The biggest WHY is protection. Contract protections […]

This blog is part one of a three-part series about contracts. Part 1. What is a contract (implied/explicit)?; Part 2. Why should we contract?; Part 3. What should we include (a bare minimum) in our contracts? Ready? Let’s dive into what makes a contract, and is it valid. There are contracts in fact (written and […]

First, an LLC creates a legal boundary that limits potential liability. In other words, if you created the crockpot that burned down the Pearson’s home, having an LLC as the owner of the crockpot company would prevent Rebecca Pearson from suing you to take your home.