I am an attorney and advocate for my clients.


Hello, hello! I’m Kiersty Loughmiller, lawyer by day, mother always, and long-time advocate for small business. Fifteen years ago, I graduated law school at Brigham Young University and moved on to gain expertise in multiple legal facets: juvenile and district courts, representation for the oil & gas industry, and transactional attorneyship. Basically, I’m qualified to help you. Business legalities can be confusing, so I’ll work alongside you to untangle the jargon and steer your venture towards success. Like a modern-day Miyagi teaching you how to karate kick your way through contracts and LLCs.

I promise, not all lawyers are stuffy. They can even have hobbies! Mine include sewing, photography, and dabbling in watercolors. A large part of my childhood was dedicated to dancing, and when I’m not writing a killer contract, I can still get down and bust a move. 

A small business becomes part of a person’s family, like a second, needy child. When I take you in as a part of my family, you are just that: family. 

Entity Formation

Creating a specific and customized set of formation documents is an investment into the growth of a company.  It sets a foundation for current practices while looking to create boundaries for future development.

Trademark Registration and Monitoring

Owning the trademark for your company name and products is a huge asset. It creates additional legitimacy to your entity and protection for the brand you are creating as you grow your business.  Monitoring and enforcing the Trademark helps to defend your business.